Silverlined Natural Rubber Gloves

The Glove Company’s Silverlined Natural Rubber Gloves have a sturdy textured diamond grip. The highest raised texture grip of any glove available, over 280um of textured grip. The fingers are raised a further 90um to 370um for an even greater grip sensation. That's almost 1/2mm of grip on each side!

The Glove Company's Silverlined Gloves have a genuine "Silverline" coating on the inside of the glove to enable the user to wear the glove multiple times without the standard uncomfortable sticking rubber feeling of poor quality gloves. Our Silverlined Natural Rubber Gloves allow the user to wear the gloves for extended periods of time with minimum discomfort.
HACCP International Food Safety Certified


Suitable for various industries:

  • Hospitality, Food Service and preparation
  • Dairy
  • Commercial / Domestic Dishwashing, Cleaning and Hygiene


  • Super Tough
  • 370um of textured diamond grip
  • Silverlined Comfortable lining
  • HACCP International Food Safety Certified and FDA Food compliant
  • Vacuum sealed and sanitized packaging
  • Colour: Blue


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Part No

S 420401 / M 420402
L 420403 / XL 420404
XXL 420405

Bulk Pack
S 420411 / M 420412
L 420413 / XL 420414
XXL 420415


Pair / 2 Gloves
Bulk / 24 Gloves

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