Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl Premium Powdered gloves are an economical choice when high levels of durability are less of a priority. Vinyl gloves typically have a looser fit making them easier for donning and doffing when you're using for short-term tasks. The Glove Company vinyl gloves are HACCP Food Safety Certified so you can rest assured they are safe for use with food preparation and processes and they comply with industry best practices.


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  • Very economical
  • HACCP Internatinal Food Safety Certified
  • Have a looser fit but also powdered so easy for donning and doffing
  • Great for short-term, low risk tasks
  • Great for food service and preparation
  • Best for use with non-hazardous materials
  • Latex-free
  • Colour: Clear or Blue

Suitable for various industries:

  • Commercial / Domestic cleaning and hygiene
  • DIY and Home Maintenance
  • Hospitality and Food Manufacturing, Dairy
  • Other eg Hairdressing, Tattoo industry
  • Agriculture

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