Chloronite Press Release

Articles | Thursday, Oct 1, 2015

SYDNEY – 01 October 2015 – The Glove Company, a designer and manufacturer of the world’s best disposable and re-usable polymer gloves have launched Chloronite® – a lightweight chemical glove which exceeds industry standards for chemical protection in hand safety.

Chloronite® gloves have completed a rare 11 letter rating under EN 374, AS/NZS 2161.10.1 2005 and EN388 1101, unheard of in the industry.

The outer layer of chloroprene combined with accelerator-free nitrile on the inside, produces a product that not only protects the user but is also comfortable to wear for an extended period of time, due to its lightweight design. The glove combines high levels of dexterity with resistance to a vast range of hazardous chemicals.

Chloronite® gloves with the above certifications is said to have higher ratings and more passes on aggressive chemicals than the majority of chemical gloves available on the market today. Certified and tested by VIC Labs Australia, it is suitable for a variety of applications, including chemical and biological agents, fuel treatment, cargo hold insecticides, chemical handling and processing, biohazard agents, damaging solvents, oils, sulphuric/corrosive acids, burning alkali and many more.

The product breaks new boundaries in the levels of Chemical Protection with the new and proven Twin Material Matrix. As well as being lightweight they offer high dexterity, they are hard-wearing, abrasion resistant but comfortable and have 300mm length textured fingers for superior grip.

*Methyl Ethyl Ketone