Is Time Up for Bulky Rubber Gloves?

Blog | Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Cleaning. Everyone has to do it.

Most of our younger years are spent making messes, with our parents yelling in vain for us to clean up after ourselves. Once we hit our adult years, we start to realise just how much cleaning there is to do, and that’s just domestic cleaning.

When you think of cleaning, I bet you think of bleach, soaps and scrubbing. But, one very important and often overlooked cleaning essential is gloves! You cannot and should not clean without gloves on. Not only do gloves keep your hands nice and protected, but they also help stop the spread of the germs and bacteria that you are trying to clean!


Traditionally, when people think of cleaning gloves, they think of those big bulky, sweaty rubber gloves. The gloves that somehow never seem to fit anyone properly.

Most cleaning gloves are so bulky they get in the way and hinder all the hard work you are trying to do! Cleaning is a chore, so why make it any harder then it needs to be?

That’s why our Glove Experts at The Glove Company, think its time to seriously rethink our cleaning glove habits, and here’s why.


Reasons Why Bulky Cleaning Gloves Are On the Outs

  1. Bulky Rubber Gloves inhibit your ability to feel what you are doing. They make cleaning harder. So your less likely to do the job, and when you finally do, you probably aren’t going to put gloves on, leaving your valuable hands at risk.
  2. Those big bulky rubber gloves are a breeding ground for bacteria. You do not want to know just how many germs are crawling all over and inside your glove. Think of all the gross bacteria you touch while you are cleaning.
  3. Bulky rubber cleaning gloves are becoming outdated; recently there have been many new fabric and material technology advances which are superior to the traditional bulky rubber glove, technology advancements such as Nitrile.


Why Pick Nitrile Disposable Gloves, over the Traditional Bulky Rubber Cleaning Glove.

In case you haven’t heard Nitrile is the material of choice for Gloves. Not only is it a more sublime and comfortable glove material, it is also chemically superior to latex and vinyl.

Nitrile glove demand is increasing exponentially, with almost every single person who tries Nitrile gloves, deciding to swap to Nitrile from Latex or rubber.

Nitrile disposable gloves are the perfect cleaning tool. They are ultra-slim and easy to use. They have low sweat technology, and they are highly dexterous, meaning they work with your hand, instead of against it.

Unlike other disposable products, disposable Nitrile gloves are also naturally biodegradable, so that you can use a clean, fresh germ-free pair every time.


Why You Need to Wear Cleaning Gloves

Blue Nitrile glove cleaning bathroom


Cleaning gloves are essential because most solutions that are used to clean, such as bleach are toxic or corrosive. Imagine the effects these substances are

having on your precious hands and skin! Unless you enjoy dry, itchy and stinging skin, it is always a necessity to wear gloves to protect yourself.  

Even common dishwashing soap over time will dry out and irritate the skin on your hands.  

So although bulky rubber cleaning gloves are on the outs, it is still vital that you have a box of trusty Nitrile Disposable Gloves around for all your cleaning activities!



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Written by Yvette Staples

Marketing & Communications Officer - with over 5 years experience in the health & safety industry.