Diesel Mechanics Stop the Setbacks with Fair Dinkum, Low Cost Safety.

Blog | Monday, May 28, 2018

So you're a technical, mechanical kinda guy or gal, and you're finally organised and everything is running more smoothly then it used to. What if you were missing one small trick to making a perfect day? Stop the setbacks, get through your day with ease.

Diesel Mechanics CAT

Pimp Your Workload

Diesel mechanic’s gloves are heavy, expensive and cumbersome. Well, not anymore, with today’s nitriles and advanced fibers.

Ace it with Specialty mechanic gloves.

Whether you’re working as a fiddly precision mechanic tinkering with valve tolerances or you’re a nut busting, hammer-swinging, 40” breaker-bar cracking heavy diesel mechanic there's a glove that can put an end to your setbacks. We all know how often a setback can trigger the renowned tool-throwing tantrum (come on don’t deny it).

7 Steps to stop the setbacks.

1. Use the dexterity of premium mechanic gloves.

Use the dexterity of premium mechanic gloves to get those little bits safety into your magnetic tray with confidence. You know, the bits that are just a single moment away from disappearing into the Land Of The Lost Bolts, along with all your 10mm sockets.


2. Take it easy.

Take it easy knowing selected mechanic gloves will also prevent strains when using large tools and jigs, making you look like the Andrew Johns of diesel mechanics, circa 1999.

3. See the job through.

The right mechanic gloves don’t mind getting stuck into a CAT 797 to get the job done, well a rig of any GVM really. You may agree that WHS is getting a little too strict these days, what’s next compulsory WaterWings® on Tuesdays and chemically resistant jocks (patient pending).

Gloves are not just about safety, performing the job at hand with ease and feeling that bit less buggered at the end of today is important too. Aswell as finding a glove that lasts - you beauty!


4. Keep a grip on safety.

Safety and industry brands that care about specific people like heavy diesel mechanics, know what you personally undertake each day. Mechanical safety ratings should be easy to spot and understand for the user, not just for safety managers and the guys working behind computers.

You’re either workshop based, field based or living the FIFO dream - flying home only to spring-board-dive into your money like Scrooge McDuck. Knowing your industry and what your hands face everyday is the vital first step to providing you a solution, there’s one for every handy problem. Be safe, ask a glove specialist.

5. Handle harsh jobs.

No matter how much you blame the driver’s overweight foot you’re constantly changing a hauler’s braking systems. Or you're an entry-level wrencher performing servicing jobs at a local automotive dealership. Whatever the job, mechanic gloves make your long days just that bit smoother, cleaner and less abused for the next job.

Given the right style and comfort certain mechanic gloves will make keeping hands safe from oil, dust, pinches and friction easier than remembering to look inside the fridge each afternoon.

For example wheel loading - one of the most simple automotive tasks becomes a long and dangerous process for heavy diesel mechanics, even when using the greatest wheel handers, installation jigs, attachments or hand tools. Heavy diesel mechanics hands see more contact and friction then any other industry.

The soft nitrile coatings and sand-like textures found on the palm and fingers of mechanic gloves will compress like a handle’s rubber grip, improving the user’s grip, particularly on surfaces without grips. This can also reduce the effort required when having to (wo)man-handle equipment, tools or parts – basically giving you subtle super powers without the tragic backstory.



6. Slow down.

You’re flat out like a lizard drinking or a hard-pressed rissole. You're getting in and out of machinery to constantly check your work, setup jigs, move an obstacle, inspect a hydraulic component and follow safety procedures for the given task. Which would probably mean giving up on taking your gloves on and off. The right mechanic glove can be like a second skin you can quick wipe clean to keep the interiors of machines free from large amounts of dirt or grease.

7. Keep your skin.

Keep your skin away from absorbing nasties/ stank with good chemical resistant properties, a must if you’re doing engine work involving pulling diesel injectors or parts washing, this stuff isn’t washing out of your skin easily, or at all! And god-forbid if you partake in the pleasures of picking ones nose, that smell ain’t going away.


TGC Orange Nitrile Gloves

Kill Setbacks dead.

A proper diesel mechanic glove is an honest all-day glove that will see you through the gears and most importantly protect the longevity of your most valuable tool, your hands.

Written by Jack McWatters