The Glove Company delivers on innovation again at MRO Americas 2017, Florida

The Glove Company launches its ground-breaking Komodo® Vigilant Cut Hazard Management System at MRO Americas 2017.  It's long been recognised that high performance cut resistance gloves in solid Hi-Vis coloured fibres would be an industry changer. Hi-Vis designed fibres would enable Safety Managers and Supervisors to easily ensure safety compliance procedures are being followed.  So why hasn't the industry created these?  

Well, it's pretty simple really.  The higher the protection in Cut 3 and Cut 5 rated gloves, the higher the density of the fibres required which makes it difficult for colours and dyes to be absorbed.

Well, The Glove Company have mastered this high technology process and created the Komodo® Vigilant Cut Rated glove range which feature bright Hi-Vis colours which match simple visual signals such as a traffic light.  Green for Light Risk tasks, Amber for Intermediate Risk tasks and Red for High Risk Tasks.

As well as offering the ultimate in Cut protection, the Komodo® Vigilant range of gloves have Touch Screen compatability in the thumb and first finger enabling users to operate Smart Phones, Tables, GPS systems, Laptop screens, navigation systems, control panels and diagnostic equipment whilst still wearing the gloves.

The will also keep users cool as our specially engineered fibres are designed to pull sweat and moisture away from the hand to the outer surface of the glove line.  The liner is also designed to help circulate between the skin and the liner for faster evaporation. The gloves are also lightweight, soft and comfortable to wear, encouraging workers to wear them at all times of risk.

Read more about the Komodo® Vigilant Cut Hazard Management system by downloading the attachment or contact one of our team to request a sample.