How to Choose the Best Work Gloves for Your Workplace

Blog | Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018

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It is super important that your workplace has the correct work safety gloves for the various tasks that you do every day.

If you are using the wrong work gloves, it will increase the amount of risk associated with your job. Because gloves that do not fit properly can get stuck, fall off or even worse, get entangled in machinery dragging your hand in too.

Basic gloves also might not offer enough cut, abrasion, puncture, tear, and chemical resistance for the task, and more often than not, you don't realise until it is too late, your glove fails, and your hands suffer the consequences.

Therefore, there are two vital parts to making sure you are choosing the best work gloves for your workplace situation.

Firstly, it is important to find the correct size and fit for every individual employee.

Secondly, it is super important that a glove that has the correct levels of safety protection for the job at hand. 



Finding your perfect fit

Black Nitrile Disposable Glove being used by mechanic on car tyre


Once you realise how important your hands are and just how much risk you are putting them through, you won’t be able to rest until you find the perfect work gloves!

There is no quick and easy shortcut to finding the perfect pair of gloves. However, we here at The Glove Company have tried to make it as easy and seamless as possible.

For example, on the back of the box of our disposable gloves, we have included an image that you simply put your hand over, and it tells you exactly what size will fit you the best! To help you out even more we have included a link here to the image which you can print out to scale, to help you determine what size gloves you will need before you buy. 

Finding the perfect fit for reusable gloves can be a little tricker though. If buying your work safety gloves online without first trying a pair on, the best thing to do is to put in the effort and physically measure your hands and then compare these measurements with the measurements given for the gloves on the website.

The ideal option though is for you to find one of our super helpful stores that stock The Glove Company gloves and physically try the different glove sizes on. We have a list of all our major resellers here. 


Finding the right cut, abrasion, puncture, tear and chemical resistance

To ensure you have the correct work glove for your workplace, you need to understand that the best glove is not always the glove that has the highest resistance to everything. The best glove for your workplace should have the perfect balance of resistance to the hazards at hand, as well as the perfect balance of dexterity to ensure the glove still moves with you. You definitely don’t want a super strong thick glove if its bulkiness gets in the way. 

The industry you are working in should have guidelines as to exactly what level of protection you need for all the different tasks you might do in a typical workday. You might even find that you require more than one type of glove a day, depending on what tasks are required.

The key to choosing the best glove for your workplace is to do your research about the cut, abrasion, puncture, tear and chemical resistance that you need.        A good guideline is to stick with the level of protection recommended by the industry you are in, and not to pick a glove with higher protection then you need, because these higher protection gloves are often more bulkier and will inhibit your productivity.

Once you have found a glove that fits your hands perfectly and provides you with the perfect balance of protection and dexterity, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what, you and your hands will return home safe.


Written by Yvette Staples

Marketing & Communications Officer - with over 5 years experience in the health & safety industry.