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KOMODO® POWER Gloves mean business. 

Strong,  Reliable and Tough.

The ideal glove for Construction, Forestry, Logging, Lumber, Farming, Landscaping, Concreting, Brick-Laying and Heavy Lifting

Genuine Leather Work Gloves, designed to protect the wearers knuckle's and to absorb shock on the palm. 

KOMODO POWER Gloves are functional, multi use, and washable so one pair of KOMODO POWER allows you to safely do a range of tasks.


  • Construction, Carpentry, Concreting.
  • Forestry, Agriculture, Farming, Landscaping.
  • Logging, Lumber.
  • Heavy Lifting, Operating Heavy Machinery.
  • Mining.


  • Knuckle and back of hand impact protection.
  • Shock absorbing palm padding. 
  • Super soft and cushioning on blister prone areas.  
  • Physically appealing deep tan brown leather with high quality double stitching.
  • Reputable KOMODO® Brand
  • Strengthened abrasion resistant thumb and forefinger padding.
  • Colour: Tan Brown/Black


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Part No

M 634202 / L 634203

XL 634204 / XXL 634205


Pair / 2 Gloves

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