Microlite® Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Microlite® for the lightest of touches.

Microlite® is The Glove Company’s lightest, most agile glove yet. Microlite’s slender design is enhanced with soft nitrile technology that is gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

However there is more to this super agile nitrile glove then meets the eye. Microlite manages to be super lightweight yet still maintains The Glove Company’s legendary durability and strength.

Microlite® has all the superior characteristics of The Glove Company’s famous Nitrile blend yet Microlite® still manages to be more affordable then standard irritable latex.

The Glove Company’s Microlite safety gloves are a vital PPE requirement that protects the user while still allowing them to effectively and comfortably do the job at hand.


  • Commercial / Domestic Cleaning 
    and Hygiene
  • DIY and Home Maintenance
  • Hospitality, Food Preparation 
    and Food Manufacturing
  • Material Handling
  • Other: e.g. Hairdressing, Tattoo industry, Bio-Security, Laboratories


  • 100% Nitrile
  • Low-Cost
  • Lightweight
  • Food safe with FDA approval & HACCP Food Safety Certification
  • Meets ATSM D6319 for medical Exam use
  • Latex Free, Vinyl Free, MBT Free and Powder Free
  • Colour:  Light Blue

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Part No

300 MAX Pack

S 230061 / M 230062
L 230063 / XL 230064 (280 Gloves in size XL)


300 MAX Pack

Box/300 Gloves
Case/3000 Gloves
(10 Boxes)

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