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The Glove Company is the visionary to providing superior safety protection and technologically advanced hand safety solutions. Globally integrated onto job sites around the world, our operations continue to be a frontrunner in North America, UK/Ireland, Germany, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The success behind

The Glove Company is the optimal one fit company for all glove requirements and environments. The success behind our product base is our continuous dedication to ensure the highest level of customer protection while ensuring our quality epitomizes industry standards, even exceeding standards established by the military with various products carrying NSN (Nato) Codification.

The Glove Company is committed to providing the ultimate in protection, excessive durability, and comfort for any job needing a second skin. Satisfying diverse demands our product line is industrially superior, providing ultimate dexterity, extreme grip and maximum Low Sweat Technology to result in the perfect fit for the toughest jobs and conditions, every time. Our goal is to protect while striving to provide the highest level of customer care, safety and satisfaction.

The Glove Company’s The Perfect Fit solutions are designed to satisfy the needs of specific industries by creating a perfect fit between disposable glove characteristics and the work environment. Every industry is unique in their operation and therefore require a different approach for optimal performance. The incredible success of TGC Work Gear™ Black Nitrile disposable gloves has created new demand for specific solutions applicable to individual industries. Applications for our products is extensive and therefore they are now available in the Automotive, Industrial, PPE/Safety, Health/Medical, Food, Mining, Oil & Gas, Defense & Civil Security, Bio-Hazards & Border Protection, Government, Veterinary Services just to name a few.

Operational headquarters

The Glove Company preserves its operational headquarters in Newcastle, NSW, Australia and now have expanded sales and logistics facilities in Perth, Western Australia, Dallas, Texas - USA, Germany, UK/Ireland and New Zealand.

Looking into the future

The Glove Company is commitment to continued development of our disposable gloves. We are currently developing a number of revolutionary solutions for multiple industries and welcome all enquiries and requests for new products and applications from both corporate and retail clients.

If you have a specific requirement or just wish to contribute to the future development of our specialist glove range, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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The Glove Company
The Glove Company,
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The Glove Company,
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