Dreaming about a career at The Glove Company?

We certainly think you should be!

Just think of a workplace where your energy and passion would have direction.

If you get bored doing uninteresting tasks every day, or if you feel like you don’t fit in at a company doing the same monotonous job everyday.

Then The Glove Company is the place for you!

Here at The Glove Company, our days are spent making the world a safer place. The Glove Company takes pride in ensuring every person, whether they are at work or at home, can feel safe and protected.

Gaining a successful place at The Glove Company means you will become acquainted with vital industries that help make our amazing world go round! Industries such as the Defence, Aviation, Automotive, Aerospace, Mining, Electrical, Health and Veterinary Services to name just a few. 

Come join a small, entrepreneurial team where you will be given the tools to make a difference to your life and the lives of many others. For more information send us a quick email detailing: a role you would be interested in and/or an executive summary of what you will bring to the company.